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Beyond Entropy is a newsletter about information-based technologies, from AI to Quantum Computing, whose aim is turn bits into dreams through

  • their applications to solve the most meaningful challenges of our time;

  • their connection with Science and in particular Physics.

As a Theoretical Particle Physicist with a PhD in Quantum Information Theory, now working in AI applied (mainly) to environmental issues, I deal with a variety of topics:

🎲 Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning: I explore the latest interesting resources and papers. I share best practices, some thoughts, and insights I have learned so far;

🛰 Emergent Technologies: I often touch on aspects of AI advances, quantum technologies, and space observation;

🌍 Tech for Climate: The technological development of the last century has progressively distanced humanity from nature, causing us to lose respect for it. As a result, we are experiencing climate change and environmental exploitation. Can tech now solve these problems? Can tech re-establish our contact with nature? What are the latest advances and the most exciting startups working in this field?

🔭 Fundamental Physics: My heart still beats for Physics, and I cannot avoid discussing Quantum Information, entanglement, gravity, and friends;

🎓AI lectures and courses: I have been teaching Deep Learning for five years. Here, I share notebooks and lectures from my courses & workshops;

🚀 Opportunities in AI: I often share opportunities for students, researchers and companies. Having over 100 students each year, connections to startups and a huge network of experts in many fields, I enjoy being a hub for new opportunities. You cannot miss them!

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I am Theoretical Physicist (PhD), now Lead AI Scientist tackling environmental challenges. Interested in Deep Learning and how (quantum) information shapes reality. Lecturer (I love teaching) and Speaker (I love to amaze).